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Meet The Team

Andy Pan is the creator of gnet and the only core contributor at present, hoping more developers will join me in the future.


How do I contribute to Gnet?

Gnet is open-source and welcomes contributions. A few guidelines to help you get started:

  1. Read our contribution guide.
  2. Start with good first issues.
  3. Join our chat if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

Why is Gnet so fast?

Gnet's networking model is designed and tuned to handling millions of network connections/requests, which backs gnet up to be the fatest networking framework in Go. In addition to the first-class networking model, the implementation of auto-scaling and reusable ring-buffers in gnet is also one of the critical essentials for its high performance.

  1. Networking models inside gnet
  2. Reusable and auto-scaling ring-buffers in gnet
  3. A Million WebSockets and Go
  4. Going Infinite, handling 1M websockets connections in Go

How can I build networking applications of diverse protocols on top of gnet?

There are some examples powered by gnet framework, go check out those source code and get an initial perception about developing networking applications based on gnei, after that, you can read the documentaions of gnet to learn all its APIs and try to wirte a demo application.

  1. Gnet Examples
  2. Gnet Documentaions